Duncan WalkerUshers & Greeters (10:30a)

My name is Duncan Walker and I am/will be a cradle to grave Episcopalian at Christ Church in Macon. I attended school at Alexander IV, Stratford Academy and the University of Georgia undergrad and law school. I have been a partner in the law firm of Hall, Bloch, Garland & Meyer, LLP for the past thirty-five years (good grief). Gini said yes to me in 1986 and along came Duncan (son), Ansley (daughter-in-law) and now Duncan V. Boleyn still licks me when I get home. I am blessed.

I love Christ Church. I serve on our Vestry as the Parish Life shepherd and coordinate the greeters and ushers for the 10:30 a.m. service and other special services (a/k/a John’s Ushers). Those are my peeps and if you want in, just holler.

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