Joining Christ Church

If you are interested in becoming a member of Christ Church, please fill out this membership form or contact our Parish Administrator, 478-745-0427.

You may become a baptized member of Christ Church even if you were not baptized in an Episcopal Church. If you are not baptized, contact Cynthia Knapp, 478-200-1063, and she will connect you to our next Inquirers’ Class. Note that the confirmation class is a good way to learn more about the church even if you do not want to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church at this time. All are welcome to attend!


Those who attend regularly usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Confirmed Communicants: Baptized persons who have made a mature affirmation of faith – either confirmation or reception – in the Episcopal Church, whose names are enrolled by confirmation, reception, or letter of transfer from another Episcopal Church.
  • Baptized Members: All baptized persons, of any age (including children), whose names are enrolled either by baptism, letter of transfer, or personal request. Adults can have their names enrolled as Baptized Members, but still not be Confirmed Communicants.
  • Affiliated: Persons who are active in the life of this congregation through worship, giving, or program participation, but whose official membership remains elsewhere.
  • Prospects: Persons who are visiting our church and have not yet decided to become a Confirmed or Baptized member.
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