• Rachel Horkan
    Rachel Horkan Director of Children's Ministries
  • Hope Westervelt Director of Youth Ministries
  • Jonathan A. Poe
    Jonathan A. Poe Director of Music & Liturgy
  • Ted Babbitt
    Ted Babbitt Assistant Organist-Choirmaster
  • Lacey Barnes
    Lacey Barnes Associate for Children's Music
  • Hal Brickle
    Hal Brickle Director of Weekend Lunch Ministry
  • Lynn Waggoner
    Lynn Waggoner Director of Communication & Administration
  • Ellen Bunker
    Ellen Bunker Director of Finance
  • Robert Hubbard
    Robert Hubbard Sexton
  • Markisha Styles
    Markisha Styles Assistant Sexton


  • Dr. Kelly Causey
    Dr. Kelly Causey
  • David Cline
    David Cline Webmaster & Audio-Visual Technician
  • Bonnie Collins
    Bonnie Collins LEM Coordinator
  • Nan Harper
    Nan Harper Altar Guild
  • Timothy Hoskins Audio-Visual Technician
  • Richard Hughes
    Richard Hughes Head Verger
  • Sandy Kendall
    Sandy Kendall Ushers & Greeters (10:30a)
  • Ginny Rozier
    Ginny Rozier Flower Guild
  • Duncan Walker
    Duncan Walker Ushers & Greeters (10:30a)
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