• Will Horkan
    Will Horkan Senior Warden
  • Rebecca Grist
    Rebecca Grist Junior Warden
  • Ellen Bunker
    Ellen Bunker Treasurer
  • Bubba Edge
    Bubba Edge Clerk
  • John Blanks
    John Blanks Adult Christian Formation
  • Tom Green
    Tom Green Outreach
  • Kay Greer
    Kay Greer Parish Life, Pastoral Care, & Office Volunteers
  • Julie Groce
    Julie Groce Music & Safe Spaces
  • Barbara Jenkins
    Barbara Jenkins Worship & Strategic Planning
  • Blair Sumrall
    Blair Sumrall Young Families
  • Pete Tosh
    Pete Tosh Communications
  • Trish Whitley
    Trish Whitley Episcopal Youth Community & Young Adults
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