The Christ Church music program has been an area of consistent pride for the parish. Christ Church was the first church in the surrounding area to house a pipe organ. The first church building was erected in 1833 and in 1845 E. & G. G. Hook pipe organ designing and manufacturing firm of Boston, Massachusetts installed its Opus 65, which was a one manual organ with 4 registers. The Hook organ was later replaced by a 2-manual 19 stop organ by J. H. Willcox & Co., Opus 9. The Willcox organ was most likely the first organ in the present day building which was erected in 1852. In the year 1918 a Kimball organ of substantial size was installed. Unfortunately records about this organ are thought to be lost and all that remains is a plaque in the rear gallery which pays homage. In 1953 the Möller Organ Company of Hagerstown, Maryland installed its 8367. This organ a 4-manual, 48 stop, 37 ranks instruments also consisting of an antiphonal division in the rear gallery was added in 1957. More information about this organ including a stop list can be found here. After many year of service it was decided that this organ would need to be replaced.

In the 1990s, the congregation made a commitment to the music ministry of the church by contracting with C.B. Fisk, Inc. of Gloucester, Massachusetts to build an organ that would be in harmony with the historical architectural design of the church. At that time, major renovations were made to the church in an effort to restore many of its features to their original design. The Fisk organ is a 38-rank mechanical action instrument which sits grandly in the center of the rear gallery and appears as thought it has always been a part of this historical structure. You can follow this link for more information. In addition to the beauty of the renovations, Gerre Hancock, Marilyn Keiser, and John Scott, and others were among world renowned organists who have been attracted to Christ Church to present concerts on this magnificent instrument.

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