In addition to stained glass windows, hundreds of other memorial gifts have been made to Christ Church since its inception.  These include silver and brass articles to celebrate the Mass; textiles and linens for the altar; Bibles, Prayer Books, and hymnals to facilitate the liturgy; furniture and furnishings for the church buildings; and commemorative tablets and plaques within the worship spaces.

Among the most visible memorials are furnishings and plaques associated with the sanctuary building.  After Christ Church’s original bell was donated to the Confederate government in 1863, communicant A.A. Roff donated a new bell to the church in 1868.  This bell is inscribed “On Earth, peace, good will to men.”  Also in the bell tower are a set of tubular chimes installed in 1924.  One was donated in memory of church veterans of the Civil War, one in memory of church veterans of World War I, and ten others as memorials by various parish members.

The leaded glass doors which lead from the narthex to the nave were given in memory of Robert Munford in 1913.  The six gothic lanterns handing in the nave were given in memory of Caroline Tracy Johnston Duncan by her children.

The white marble baptismal font near the rear of the nave was a gift of the Sunday chool made on Easter 1882.  The brass font cover was given in 1892 in memory of Mary E. Bowdre.

One of the most unique memorials commemorates Dr. Ambrose Baber, one of the principal founders of Christ Church.  This marble plaque and vault includes a sketch of the 1834 church, a prayer book and the parish’s first communion vessels.