Inner Healing Prayer with Celtic Harp

Emotional or Inner Healing prayer is simply this: Jesus, who is the same, yesterday today and

forever, can come into the memories of hurtful past experiences that continue to impact us in the present (sometimes in ways we are not even fully aware of) and bring inner healing. This process of healing is designed to help us be filled with his love and to drain the poison of those past hurts, resentments, and un-forgiveness, so they no longer have a hold on us. We can ask Jesus to go back to the time we were hurt and free us from the effects of the wound in the present. This process involves two things: (1) bringing into the light of Christ, the things that have hurt us, and (2) praying to the Lord to heal the binding effects of the hurtful incidents of the past. Rhett and Katy’s harp led prayer movements are designed to gently walk you through that process in a respectful and confidential environment. There is no need to speak out loud about specifics- it is work that is done in your own thoughts and prayers with the Lord as you are guided through the process.

Rhett Barnwell, Atlanta, Ga. and Katy Tosh, Macon, Ga. both grew up in Christ Church. Their desires to minister to those in need of healing have inspired them to create this healing experience for all those seeking a fresh touch from the Lord. Katy leads inner healing or emotional healing movements while Rhett performs the Celtic harp.

Rhett is the Founder of Seraphim Music, a source for sacred, healing, and meditative music. He is a writer, composer, arranger and concert harpist. Seraphim Music specializes in the publication and recording of music for the harp, cello, voice and other instruments; Rhett provides live music for liturgical services, concerts and other events. He has published two CD’s, “The Lord Is My Shepherd” and “Serenade for the Soul.”

Katy is the founder of Christ the Healer Ministries, an Interdenominational ministry dedicated to praying for the sick, encouraging and teaching others how to pray for physical, spiritual and emotional or inner healing, as well as, praying for those who seek freedom from any kind of torment. Christ the Healer Ministries practice is to model the love of Jesus, his power and his prayer.